Mon. May 23rd, 2022

About Us

About Us

Palava News is a news, food, travel, experiences & lifestyle content platform. We promote content related to Palava as well as any general information which could be helpful to people living in palava and otherwise across anywhere in the world. We are a group of digital nomads and the entire world is our workplace, classroom, playground and our home.

Discover intriguing and exciting things to do in your neighbourhood and around the world. From delicious food to travel inspiration to amazing experiences, will ensure to bring you the best of the content! We give higher priority to Palavians and their experiences in Palava.
We believe in making memories with people that touched our heart, of the unique tastes we acquired, of the adventures and misadventures we faced! At We only hope to inspire you to live a best possible life through our awesome tales of recommendations.

Our Story

How did come about? The short story is that a group of Palavians after moving in to palava realised that there is no common forum where they can get all the information about the city and the things around the city. The residents friends then grouped together and formed this wonderful alliance of which takes pride in privinding appropriate and correct information to you and let you know about the happenings in Palava.The long story is that what started as a thought and facebook page is now a team spread across palava who are here to inject just the right dose of fun to make your life worthwhile! Be it the new luxe hotels or the lively restaurants, electrifying events or food festivals, you get it all at We discover new places and possibilities and try to spread the joy of wanderlust. If you’re inspired just a little bit to pack your bags and head out for the weekend or discover the joy of a new dessert in your city – our job is done!

Partner With Us

If you share the same passion as ours and wish to contribute in any way, please write to us on [email protected] . We specialise in videos and articles on unique food and experiences from around Palava. If you wish to advertise on our platform and reach out to the highly engaged millenials, write to us on [email protected]