Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

40 thoughts on “Forza Horizon 4 – How To Drive On Edinburghs BRIDGES! – Super7 Map Building

  1. The thing that is freaking amazing about the Super 7 camera, is that it has an infinite height. So you can find where the invisible walls end, place an object to mark it, and you build a ramp up

  2. I tried driving to the red bridge, but the game kept freezing my car
    This was in my own super7 challenge btw, didn’t know you could drive on it without, maybe I approached it from the wrong angle

  3. I have A Probably Very Stupid Question: how Do We Share Challenges ? Ive build like 6 Tracks With the Super 7 Editor now , Tested Them And Can Find Them On The Challenge Browser. But When i look at my Creative hub It Says 0 comunity Challenges Shared. Is There A Button im not Seeing Or Has It have to be found By Someone Else First?

  4. Just going to say the red bridge is called forth bridge ,
    The one in the middle is called forth road bridge
    And the other one is called queensferry crossing

  5. Lasagne junction here we come! Thanks for the out of map palava. Jake, there’s an area to the left of your speed camera run that looks interesting. Chances are it’s nothing but what if…?

  6. Game is amazing but there's too much going on. Every race is nothing but 90 degree corners, which is total shit. I understand developers of Test Drive Unlimited worked on this game. If it was more like that I would have been much more into it. Races around the island of Oahu was amazing. Houses, garages, etc. Much more interesting. On this you just have every car and and a million fucking challenges. Ridiculous.

  7. Edinburgh bridges… Please research the names…

    Queensferry Crossing, Forth road, Forth Rail in that order looking st map left to right

  8. Hey bro jake how do you get the higher level on horizon 4 I am on level 🎚️ 85 but I have a star ⭐ next to my name and number 1 next my name please let me know how or give me a few tips pointers on how to get that done ✅✅

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