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30 thoughts on “Lodha's contractor Maruti Panchal UNMASKS UGLY REALITY of Casa Rio – Palava City

  1. why well studied engineers are working in lodha they should stop working over there . I know ki wo log apna Ghar chalane ke liye kam karte hai ,they are also responsible for this things,ki wo log apna profession ka or apna dono value down karte hai .
    all engineers are from good family and well studied engineers why they are passing the bad contractions .
    engineers are down grading there value just for some big salary that you get . there is no value of this type of contractor in your mind who works hard n hard to earn half of your salary amount

  2. It appears that all those involved with Lodha are suffering, will he be able to digest all this , only a Special Lodha court will solve the problem

  3. Thank you sir, it's because of fearless journalist like you, Niranjan Takle, Hartosh Singh Bal and some others , who are helping keep the hope in democracy alive in this country.

  4. KR, this is my last comment as there is no point in putting the comments and have an unbiased discussions when u are going on deleting my comments. Now I have understood ur agenda very well. You are keeping only those comments which are favourable and deleting those which are against u and by doing so you are trying to create an impression of negativity about lodha in the society.
    U commented that I will be getting a gud promotion for raising my voice on a public platform but please take a note that if this would have been the situation then ur wall would have been flooded with thousands of comments from many stakeholders. I am doing it because I feel that it is correct.
    You have thought it in this was because your mind is tuned up in that fashion and just because u r getting funded from other sources that does not mean everyone is like u.
    As I have already stated earlier in few of your videos which u deleted that u r presenting a wrong example to other people. Tomorrow anyone can come up with a videos by paying to the people for saying bad things abt anyone and his family. U r encouraging such type of people which is very dangerous for the society. U r presenting a very wrong example of making videos without understanding and investigating the facts. All the contractors which u are bringing up in your videos were the non performers who failed to execute the works within the required time and quality and their books of accounts are already settled with them; by doing such videos u r encouraging such type of contractors to blackmail the builders even if they are failing pathetically in their work. This is again very dangerous for the whole construction industries as u r giving a platform to these fraud people.

    Secondly I would like to request all the buyers to read the documents carefully before giving the booking amount as the period of refund which is generally 10 days is clear written. Everyone is very mature nowadays so no one can force you to buy any property. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions or not mentally ready do not buy it whether it's with lodha or any other builders. With RERA now the situation is very transparent.
    Dear all do not encourage such type of biased person.

  5. Sharon Jha Ji,

    These contractors have full-fledged experience of complete interior works and are well skilled in their jobs. They are working in Mumbai from last 30 to 35 years, started their career from being a helper, then craftsman, then site supervisor, then a small contractor and finally they have gained the ability and potential to be a contractor and give jobs to 40/50 workers, pay them and financially helped them and their families in the need.

    If your architect's designs are going to create some problems later on and your engineers makes some mistakes, then we request them to improve the error/mistake based on our experience and knowledge. The person who thinks of our request gets free, but some people who are proud of their degree gets in trouble like you. Even If we do not have any degree, we have experience of actual and practical work which you may not have.

    However, you cannot blame anyone without obtaining the full information of the contractors on your site. You do not give the advance amount to the contractors, this means, the contractor cannot cheat you. On the contrary, the contractors are spending millions of their money for your work. So you have done a great job of bringing many contractor on road.

  6. Sharon Jha ji, आपले सहकारी लोढा मे काम करनेवाले कंत्राटदार के क्वालिटीपर प्रश्नचिन्ह खडा करते हो। लोढा मे काम करनेवाले छोटे-छोटे कंत्राटदार लोगोंने अपने घर के अपने मेहनतके 10 लाख, 20 लाख, 40 लाख, 50 लाख से भी जादा रक्कम लोढा का काम पुरा करनेके लिए खर्च किये है। वही रक्कम लोढा 1साल, 2साल, 5साल के बाद देता है, नही तो डुबा देता है।

    हिसाब से लोढा मे 400 कंत्राटदार काम करते है। हर कंत्राटदार के बिल मे से 5लाख से 50लाख तक और जादा भी डेबिट के नाम से पैसा काटा जाता है। और उसे poor work होने का एकही कारण लोढ़ा से दिया जाता है।

    लोढ़ा को फ्लॅट विक्री के बाद प्रॉफ़िट का जितना पैसा मिलता है, उससे जादा प्रॉफ़िट कंत्राटदार को डेबिट मारने से मिलता होगा।

    छोटे से छोटा कत्राटदार को लोढ़ा साइट से निकाल दे देता है, तभी ओ 10 से 20 लाख रुपये कंपनीमे छोड़के ही जाता है। इसकेलिए लोढ़ा के वह साइट पर बहुतांश बिल्डिंग का काम एक कंत्राटदार से पूरा नहीं किया जाता। एक बिल्डिंग मे डेबिट के लिए कम से कम बाहर का एक कंत्राटदार को डाला ही जाता है।

    कासा रियो मे ARCTICA ‘B’ बिल्डिंग का अन्य कंत्राटदार को वर्क ऑर्डर और काम दिया गया था। ओ कंत्राटदार ने शायद पैसा न मिलनेसे काम बंद कर दिया। जनरल मेनेजरने वही बिल्डिंग का काम जबरदस्तीसे मुझसे चालू करवाया। 6 महीने काम चालू करने के बाद भी मुझे वर्क ऑर्डर न मिलने के कारण मैंने चार फ्लोर के ऊपर काम करनेका इंकार किया। इसलिए पाच फ्लोर से उन्होने तीसरा कंत्राटदार से काम चालू किया।

    ARCTICA ‘B’ का वर्क ऑर्डर मुझे 10 मे 2014 मे दिया गया। और उसके पहिले ही 21 मार्च 2014 से 26 मार्च 2014 तक मुझे 35000/- का डेबिट मारा। मेरा 10/12 वर्कर वही बिल्डिंग मे काम कर रहे है, और लोढ़ा के जनरल मेनेजर मेरे बिलसे 6 दिन मे 35000/- डेबिट के स्वरूप से काटते है। लोढ़ा के जनरल मेनेजर काम पूरा होने तक मुझे वर्क ऑर्डर नहीं दे सकते, मुझे पेमेंट नहीं कर सकते, लेकिन डेबिट के नाम से प्रति दिन रुपये 6000/- अनेवाले वाले बिल मे से पहिले ही काट सकते है। तो वही टाइम मे, शरोन झा जी हमे क्या करना चाहिए था ये बता सकते हो।

  7. My neice and my brother in law booked in Pallava ..but due to some problem in loan process..they requested to refund the their token money..but this bastards refused to refund by showing up some clauses.

  8. They don't build proper quality products, they don't pay money to their contractors they take lot of money for their flats
    Where is all the money going?!

  9. This is 100% true. Water proofing work is not done in Casa Rio – Viva as well. I have had leakages in my apartment and had to pay money to get it done.

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