Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

32 thoughts on “River illegally encroached by Lodha Palava

  1. Today 4th August 2019 Palava is flooded. All things what the man said four months back is true today. This builder lobby is curse to India.

  2. @1:43 "Udhar sab paani bharne wala hai" – ….and this happened on August 5, 2019 i.e. less than 5 months after your video.

    Shows the importance of due diligence, speaking to locals, paying lawers to check legal terms and most importantly checking Google for people like Krishanraj Rao to learn from.

    BTW – Lodha is the face. The person (or family) behind the face is the once that controls BMC.


  3. There is no water in palava in last 9 year which all has seen it was only a fact of 4 hr whch was in just 10 to 15 building in 400 building here and 1 lac persons are living here and enjoying there life happily and maximum living here has view the this is the best place to live in

    And all was due to wall height was less but now wall wirk started and it will incresse 4 feet more near riverside
    And the water came for 4 hr was upto 2 feet in 2019 what we see in some small area and not in all palava and no 2 floor all they are misguiding and after that 2019 again end monsoon when all mumbai was swimming there was not water in palava

    It was temporary due to openjmg of dam which was open after 50 year and not by rain

    All negative propganda done by compettior builders as palava is far ahead in sale than other builders

    But fact is residents living here around 1 lac are very happy

  4. I sty in Palava very less approx 10-15 buildings were effected for which the Builder paid compensation, also they are sorting the issue.. Utter nonsense video, its not as bad as they saying

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